Hi there, I am Tanaka Mawere😃

Semi-incompetent C# Programmer and Keyboardist + Bassist.

Currently an unfortunate medical student at UZ, wastes studying time coding apps and pretends to exercise at times.

Recent Posts

When I feel motivated, I write long form content. Very rare


I quit social media and got addicted to YouTube

The digital definition of evading a pothole and driving straight into a pit.


Don't tell, cause thought

People don't listen when you tell them something. Simple fact of life, so don't tell them. Make them think.


Defeating WhatsApp

A programmer in Zimbabwe's greatest enemy is WhatsApp. How do we defeat it? I have no idea

Recent Thoughts

Who reads long things anyway? Here is my version of Twitter-esque thoughts, away from Twitter

I have gone from being called “dhunda” in primary

To “Iwe mukomana akawonda, ehe iwewe. Huya kuno.”

With the way my laptop overheats, left to it’s own devices, I will one day find its metal components swimming in a puddle of melted silicon.

It really is heartbreaking seeing people on hospital beds at Pari due to diseases that are easily avoidable in old age if people are health conscious in their youth.

Problem is we think we have time so “I will start eating better, exercising later

Another thing is seeing fruits and yoghurts next to the beds… If you ate more of them before, you wouldn’t be here.