Hi there, I am Tanaka Mawere😃

Semi-incompetent C# Programmer and Musician.

I pretend to exercise at times.

Recent Posts

When I feel motivated, I write long form content. Very rare


Shhh, let's not talk about sin

The big, pink elephant wearing a crop-top in the room we ignore


Starting & Maintaining An Exercise Habit

Based off my recent interactions with people, here are a few pointers on how to keep an exercise habit.


A Sign of Good Health You Don't Know About

Should your heart rate be regular and constant when you are resting, or should it be all over the place? What's the right thing? (Might surprise you)

Recent Thoughts

Who reads long things anyway? Here is my version of Twitter-esque thoughts, away from Twitter

One of my greatest fears…

Restaurant menus without prices.

I don’t think I am particularly good at anything except googling. 😂

The price of experience is high.

It takes money, discipline, effort, TIME, resilience.