Hi there, I am Tanaka Mawere😃

Semi-incompetent C# Programmer and Musician.

I pretend to exercise at times.

Recent Posts

When I feel motivated, I write long form content. Very rare


Run Faster by Training Slower

We all think that the most results come for putting in 100% all the time, but that's just not it.


Praying about the Comfort Pandemic

When should we stop praying and start listening?


Shhh, let's not talk about sin

The big, pink elephant wearing a crop-top in the room we ignore

Recent Thoughts

Who reads long things anyway? Here is my version of Twitter-esque thoughts, away from Twitter

Anaesthesia was invented in 1846.

Doctors in 1845: Punching Frog

POV: You are on the highway and you have just overtaken a train of about 10 haulage trucks

Someone in the backseat: “Can we stop for recess now?”

Cat Screaming

…building off that last thought, I have been always fascinated by people who have Gospel as their only music…

But as of recent time, I am becoming that person too🥲

I have tried to listen to the songs that I have liked in the past years and they’re losing relevance if they aren’t gospel.

But Zhakata naMacheso vakuramba kubuda havo😂