Hi there, I am Tanaka Mawere😃

Semi-incompetent C# Programmer and Musician.

I pretend to exercise at times.

Recent Posts

When I feel motivated, I write long form content. Very rare


Praying about the Comfort Pandemic

When should we stop praying and start listening?


Shhh, let's not talk about sin

The big, pink elephant wearing a crop-top in the room we ignore


Starting & Maintaining An Exercise Habit

Based off my recent interactions with people, here are a few pointers on how to keep an exercise habit.

Recent Thoughts

Who reads long things anyway? Here is my version of Twitter-esque thoughts, away from Twitter

POV: You are on the highway and you have just overtaken a train of about 10 haulage trucks

Someone in the backseat: “Can we stop for recess now?”

Cat Screaming

…building off that last thought, I have been always fascinated by people who have Gospel as their only music…

But as of recent time, I am becoming that person too🥲

I have tried to listen to the songs that I have liked in the past years and they’re losing relevance if they aren’t gospel.

But Zhakata naMacheso vakuramba kubuda havo😂

I need to stop listening to worship music in class🥲