By whose authority do I write?

Whenever I write something that I want to post here later, I find myself cringing sometimes. The question in my head will be

Who are you to write about this?

Which is a good question which I answer in the following ways.

1. I am no one really.

I write and post primarily for myself and to organise my thoughts more. The feeling of having to go public with what you are thinking forces you to think the thoughts more thoroughly.

That’s the whole value of putting things in public such as this. Richard Feynman’s claim to fame is that he popularised the notion that if you can’t teach something, you probably don’t understand it. Posting thoughts in public isn’t necessarily teaching but the action of posting itself is an exercise in helping you understand what you are posting.

This is the first selfish reason

2. Let the information out there

The other reason is that at this very young, juvenile age, I don’t know a lot. But I might be one step ahead in a journey that someone else younger is on. So what I share and experience might help in some way. Very unlikely but I hope so.

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