Perfection is the enemy of good

Something’s different

Any long time readers of my blog posts would have noticed that the website has changed more times than Mai Titi has changed husbands. That is because in all the previous versions of my website, I wanted to take short-cuts and use templates created by someone else. I tried avoiding creating the website from scratch (because “time”. Just laziness to be more accurate) but all the templates really quite didn’t do it for me. So I did the natural thing to do in such a situation.

_I gave up._

Well, until now. Came back, guns blazing determined to create my website from the ground up. I was going to put a portfolio, pagination, a game, my own design philosophy and another thing that would have been completely unnecessary. And it burnt me out. In just a day, I wanted to have everything that everyone else who has a personal website was doing.

The Lesson I Learnt

In start-ups, there is something called a “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP). It means having the basic functionality of some thing to work although it doesn’t have everything that you want it to have. With time, you can start adding those bits and bobs that you left out at first offering.

That’s essentially what this website is. It’s far from done in my own estimation but it does the basic function of what I want it to do. Which is to let me talk about things that no one cares about. And with time, I will add to the other things that I want to add that may not be as important.

This is the bit I hate that I have to say something inspirational, a take home message so that you don’t feel like you have wasted time reading this so here goes nothing.

Don’t wait for things to be perfect to start. Start with the minimum you have and iterate on it over time.

That felt cringe to say. Anyway, thanks for reading. If you got this far, you deserve a star.

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