How to build a reading habit

1. Read what is relevant to you in the moment

One mistake I did when I started reading books is reading a book just because it was popular. Even if the book is popular and actually good, because you are not in the space that the book will resonate with you, it will end up being a drag to read.

In the times that in your life you are concerned about money, read more books to do with finance. Or when you are concerned about your health and fitness etc, make sure your reading list is catered to that in that moment.

You will find yourself wanting to read the book even more and actually get to finish a book you have started.

Another thing that is linked to this point is to not read for people. Read what you enjoy and what aligns with your current goals and purpose. What that you read will manifest itself to the right people, if you are so inclined to impress people with what you read.

2. You are allowed to skip pages

I had the belief that for me to have finished the whole book, I should have read every single word, paragraph and page, even the parts I found dull and monotonous.

This point is especially true when you are reading one of those cheesy self-help books I detest. Some parts of them are great to read and you should, but some parts are mushy and repetitive. Skip that. Jump to the next chapter, paragraph, whatever.

Get to what you want to read and what you want to know to keep the book interesting to you

3. Write notes


You’ve heard this before so I won’t waste time here. Writing notes is important so that whatever insights you get from reading, they immediately get imprinted in you head.

If you want to know how I write notes from books or anything else, talk to me on WhatsApp

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