Humans Sweat Out Stress!?

Here is the podcast episode if you fancy listening to it

I have recently started my clinical rounds in medical school and seeing patients for the first time. When I see a patient’s condition, I wonder to myself if it could have been avoided with a healthier lifestyle i.e. regular exercise and stress management.

However, these thoughts are immediately stopped by reality. Try convincing an overweight mother from Glen View or Budiriro to wake up and chase the wind for 30 minutes every morning. Never going to happen.

What I hope is that since you are in a position to read this, you are much easier to convince.

So listening to the podcast, it was interesting to learn that humans sweat out the stress hormone (called cortisol) when exercising.

I have always known that to exercise the mind, exercise the body and the vice-versa but this was a new perspective.

What this means essentially is that when you exercise, you are literally sweating out the stress hormone thereby reducing your stress levels.

Another tidbit from the podcast

In a study to show the power of our minds, weightlifters who imagined themselves lifting weights in their minds had the same muscle growth as those who actually lifted weights.

This is a whole other discussion on its own that is interesting as it delves into the realm of visualising stuff. But that’s for another day.


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