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Who reads long things anyway? Here is my version of Twitter like thoughts, away from Twitter

I have gone from being called “dhunda” in primary

To “Iwe mukomana akawonda, ehe iwewe. Huya kuno.”

With the way my laptop overheats, left to it’s own devices, I will one day find its metal components swimming in a puddle of melted silicon.

It really is heartbreaking seeing people on hospital beds at Pari due to diseases that are easily avoidable in old age if people are health conscious in their youth.

Problem is we think we have time so “I will start eating better, exercising later

Another thing is seeing fruits and yoghurts next to the beds… If you ate more of them before, you wouldn’t be here.

My worst habit by far is telling myself

“I will catch up on the weekend.”

🤡🤡🤡 business

You grew up telling me that 1 minus 5, it can’t. Then I got to form 1 and you said “dummy, it can.”

And you also told me that HIV can’t be cured in primary. I’m now 22.

Any day now…

I feel old when I realise that most of my age mates don’t share the same nostalgia as me in tech.

Very few remember back in 2008/09 when 3G was still new. And there was no hotspot as we know it, so to connect a laptop to the internet, you’d have to use a ‘dial-up’ connection and 56kbps was blazingly fast.

And what website was the boy going to? because the boy loved Bloom from Winx Club

Hapana vanhu vanondibhohwa sevanhu vanobaya sausage paBraai.

Saka mukuda kuti iibve sei?

Sometimes life is like a spoon.

That’s it.

That’s the thought.

The time you start appreciating pen and paper combinations depending on how they feel when writing is the day you become a weird nerd

And I am now there.

Real talk.

Don’t lie to yourself that you don’t have time to do something.

It’s either the thing isn’t a priority or you just don’t want to do it.

I have been listening to this man’s podcast and he says in the last year he made “mistakes.” I have long believed that some mistakes that I am making in life are because I am a 22 year old.

This man is 79 and says he is still making “mistakes”.

Maybe it is part of the human condition.

I am part of a small group of people who dislike both Android and iPhone and are waiting for the day Windows Phone comes back.

So pharmacists in Zimbabwe also train to sell event tickets in Booties and MedOrange?

There is no greater dummy than one in which the person leading the prayer says “in Jesus Christ’s name we pray”, then continues with the prayer as if everything is normal.

Ini ndinenge ndatokoka Amen kare.

Besides kusabvisa offering, I have never maJazzman emuChurch achinamatirwa.

Ndofunga kuti mweya yese yetsvina inenge yabuditswa muChurch inopinda mumaJazzman. Because zvimwe zvavanomboita…

Why I dress like a homeless person and like someone who doesn’t care about his appearance is I can’t pretend to look good outside when I know I’m not good inside.

There is very little good in me considering the weight of sin I carry. Why spend hours in the mirror trying to look good outside? That’s hypocrisy!

Are we sure that sipo yemuHotel ndeyekugezesa? Inonetsa kukwizira paTowel seRomi pachingwa.

Anyone have a book recommendation on how to stop messing up stuff?

“Can you do this task that takes 10 minutes but is repetitive?”

To save time, me spends 10 hours coding a program to do it.


I think what hurts the most is that reading history, you see how prosperous Zimbabwe once was. The breadbasket of southern Africa. The Zimbabwe dollar being stronger than the rand, almost equal to the USD. Having one of the strongest economies in Africa.

I don’t want to romanticise the past as if everything was perfect though. It’s just a thought.

For example, you bump into your pastor in Chicken Inn pama10 days, vachitsenga drumstick

As a broke Zimbabwean child, when I am asked at the bank for my sources of income, can I write “change yechingwa yandinoba from my parents?”

Wodzimisa mota paIntersection apa mota yako iri push to start isina button.

Because I dislike Twitter and threads (too much violence that the govt of Zimbabwe would be jealous about during election time), I decided to bake in a Twitter like function into my website, for me of course.

It’s all about me, me, me